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Rantin Rovin Robin Chords

Rantin’, Rovin, Robin : Robert Burns

G                           C
There was a lad was born in Kyle,
G           D         C          D
But whatn'a day, o' whatn'a style
G                            C
I doot it's hardly worth the while
 G          D      C     G
Tae be sae nice wi' Robin

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C           G
Robin was a rovin' boy,
    C            D
A rantin' rovin' rantin' rovin',
G                  C
Robin was a rovin' boy,
  G        D    C     G
A rantin' rovin' Robin.

Oor Monarch's hindmost year but ane, Was five and twenty days begun'
'Twas then a blast o' Januar' win', Blew hansel in on Robin

The gossip keekit in his loof, Quo' she,"Wha' lives shall see the proof,
This waly boy will be nae coof, I think we'll ca' him Robin".

He'll hae misfortunes great and sma', But aye a heart abune them a'
He'll be a credit tae us a', We'll a' be prood o' Robin.

But sure as three times three mak' nine, I see by ilka score and line,
This chap will dearly like oor kin', So leeze me on thee, Robin.

Transcribed by Mark McDonald