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Love Invades Chords

Love Invades - Robbie Seay Band

       The Bass and Lead Guitar walk up and rhythm Plays a B on the walk-up
Intro:     B A E    B B/C# B/D# B/E B/F B    A E B

Verse 1:

	     B      	       		        A
Your love invades I'm amazed at all the ways you love me
         E                                        B
Like the stars too numerous to claim You shine so very far
Oh Your love invades un-contained surround me in the morning
Like the dawn too luminous to gaze I yield to who You are

'Cause there is no denying You

Here we go here we go we believe it
Here we go raise your voice now and sing it
E			     B
For love for love we will praise

Verse 2: (Same Chords)
You love invades I can't escape all the ways You love me
You remain no matter what I've done You always stay the same

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Pre-Chorus 2:
    B                       F#
Now there is no denying You there is no denying You oh You

Chorus 1: (Same As Before)
Chorus 2:
Here we go for the hope we believe in
Here we go all we know is to sing it
A                  E                 B
For love for love we will praise 2x


           C#m             B                                 E    4x end on B
In the dark of night you invite the moon to fly and the stars they climb
In the break of day, night is slowly giving way. tell the sun to rise
In the evening calm, You're painting with the setting sun - my heart stops I am listening
In the stillness here everything is coming clear - I hear you clear

Pre-Chorus 3:
C#m                             E   (Build)   B (Just lead guitar and drums)
         We can hear You clear

Chorus 1: (Same except it goes right into the 2nd Chorus this time)
Chorus 2: (Same)

Outro: B A E B and B

We will Praise You. We will praise You