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Flower Girl Chords

Flower Girl
(About a poor Girl selling flowers, Lookin like a jippo, No one cares bout her and she only just makes 
money to live)
Capo = 3rd Fret


C    Em    C    Em


Am                  D
She Looks So Alone
Am                      D
Working On her Own
Em                     C
Dirt Covers Her Face
Em         Em                      C
Folks Look At Her in Distaste

G                                      Em
Well I Promise you right now
G                          Em
Im gonna take u away
Em                       C               D
Too a far away Land
D                         G
Too A far away land

Am            D
Oh my lil girl
Am                  D
My little flower girl
Em                    C
Why u look so sad?
Em                               C
Are they treatin you real bad?
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G                                       Em
Well I Promise you right now
G                                   Em
Im gonnna take you away
Em                      C    D
To a far away land
D                           G
To a far away land

F                  C
Take my hand
F                                          C
Im gonna take you to my land
E                                 Am
And we will be together
E                           Am
Holding you forever
G                   D
Come with me
G                    D                         G (hold)
You will be free

Am                         D
Why little Flower girl?
Am                               D
Did you end your world?
Em                               C
The look upon your face
Em                                             C
When that car slammed on its brakes

G                       Em
When I look at you
G                                  Em
I see my promise has come true
Em                                   C     D
Cos your in a far away land
D        (n.C)            G
But im not with you

Intro - top e  for the C chord= 320    top e and b string for Em chord = 32 b=0
Picking of the chorsds in use on the A,D and B strings  For pickin the G note u use the bottom E D B string
19-8-02 Tom Edwards