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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 18:47:48 -0500 (EST)
From: "Jason A. Shaw" 
Subject: Pannie-waste by the roaches (tab)

Here is my second tab of roach material. Again, fairly simple.

Intro and verse parts:
G...slide to Am...slide to Bm..slide to C(strike this chord with distortion)
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Do this 3x and then on the fourth time, add distortion to the arpeggios
and break right into this:
C     B   C   A   C  B  C   G

This is the chorus part and it should be played distorted.
This song is easy to play if you keep in 4/4 time. Each chord takes up
half a measure in both parts.

Here's the general idea of the solo, it's not exact.



1. I am a disease
   I do what I please
   If you're on your knees
   I might not be a tease

C. When I was three
   You were learning to pee
   When I was four you smelled like a whore
   When I was five
   Your mommy went and died
   When I was six you all had small dicks

2. I'm attached at your head
   You thought I was dead
   Things left unsaid
   As I invade in your bed

3. I drain what's inside
   Nothing left to hide
   You'd wish you hadn't lied
   I wish you hadn't died.

That's it in all it's simplicity.

Hi to mike and tom and curt if you guys ever see this.

--Jason (

"I'd hate to smash your pretty face against the fuckin' wall..."--D.Greaves