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When I Was A Youngster Chords

To sound even better vary the chords so you play the B by barring the seventh fret 
and playing E then sliding the bar finger to the 9th fret and play em for the C#M.

(B)I can remember that when I was a little youth I,
(C#m)Wanted to fly around the world making a new life,
(B)I never thought today, I'd be(C#M) where I am now,
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(B)Yo, wanted to be a fireman,
Than I lost the desire man,
(C#M)The second I got old enough,
To buy myself a cider can,
(B)Yeah, I was a smart little kid,
That side's departed me since,
(C#M)These days you can catch me,
Sitting on the bench in the park with a lager and crisps

(B)Back when I was younger,
I wanted to be(C#M) everything on the planet,
(B)Now that I am older,
It seems the(C#M) ambition has vanished,
(B)Yeah when I was a youngster,
When I was a, when I was a youngster,
Youngster,(C#M when I was a youngster
Yeah,(B) and now that I'm older,
I wish I could've(C#M) been everything that I wanted,
I'm on it(B)
Just the same chords through out the whole song