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In Two Minds Chords

Am                    F
   Another day of talking
                Am       F
And I'm in two minds
Am                  F
   I think I have to tell you
          C   D
I finally realised
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Am                            F
   I know you'll never really
             Am               F
Get inside of me
Am                    F
   But I don't mean to hurt you
            C    D    C    D
Just let me disappear

   We used to like it, used to be
In the sunset time of our dream
   For all these things we cannot change
We know we cannot be, we cannot stay

But if you lose your faith
          E  D         G           A
Know that I - I am still your friend
And if the sky falls down
          E  D             G      A
Know that I - I will still support  you