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A Love To Share Acoustic Chords

**the chords used in this song are usually broken, nevertheless
  it is still easy to play...the broken chords are demonstrated below
  the song 

Title: A Love To Share
Artist: Rivermaya
Album: Between the Stars and Waves

Intro: E-C#m7-Bsus

Verse 1:
Bsus             E    C#m7                      Bsus       
 If I could take over,    this world that we're in,
               E             C#m7   Bsus   
 I wanna reach out to every human being.
                    E      C#m7               Bsus 
 I'll take all the sorrows     from every goodbye.
                    E              C#m7           Bsus 
 I'll shed all the tears so no one ever needs to cry. But...

E        C#m7      Bsus 
 Nobody cares for me.
E        C#m7       Bsus 
 Nobody here needs me.
E            C#m7   Bsus    G#m   
 A love to share but nobody dares.
C#m9      G6         Bsus 
   Nobody cares for me.
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Verse 2:
                 E     C#m7                 Bsus   
 I'll summon the oceans    to drown every pain.
              E             C#m7           Bsus
 I wanna be shelter to the countless in shame.
              E      C#m7              Bsus
 Erase every conflict    from every divide.
              E            C#m7        Bsus   
 I wanna give every bit of me until I die.

(repeat Chorus)

 EM7,E-C#m7--Bsus-- (2x)

*If desired, verse chords can be substituted in the Coda part(the Coda
 chords contain excact chords).
*The chords are almost the same throughout the song except for
 last part of Chorus.
*It is better to use normal/standard "E" in the second Chorus. It sounds
 more excact in the song.

Illustrated chords (EADGBe):
0 - open string 
x - dead/muted string
 Broken chords:       
    E:    079900        EM7:  079800
    C#m7: 046600        F#/E: 09(11)(11)00
    Bsus: 799800
 Standard chords:
    G#m:  466444
    C#m9: x46644
    G6:   320000
    E:    022100    

A clarification of the coda part:
  assume that the beat of the song is...(each chord & dash is a count)

  here's how you play the coda...
    EM7-E-C#m7---Bsus-------  (2x)

  Listen to the song if needed. It is very easy to play it once you
  have the chords.   

Happy playing! Hope you find it perfect.