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Anywhere But Here Acoustic Chords

Song: "Anywhere But Here (acoustic version)"
Artist: Rise Against

Tuning: standard
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E: E|4      A: E|5      B: E|2
   B|5         B|5         B|4
   g|4         g|4         g|4
   d|6         d|7         d|4
   A|7         A|7         A|2
   E|4         E|5         E|2 
      E                     A
We've been alright up until now,
        E                        B    
but the air that we breathe is about to run out.
       E                             A
We've rehearsed our lines clear and loud,
         E                        B
but the cue never came and the lights,
they never went down.
E                     A 
So we're passing the time, 
while time passes us.
The fast lanes a term never applied to us.
Without a dime to my name,
or a prayer in the world.
E               B
I walk out the door.
E    A      E             B
Destination anywhere but here.
Away from you.
Now I'm on my way to the other side,
E                 A
I'll forget everything I left behind.
E            A
These empty rooms,
E                     B
are still filled with you.

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