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Salute My Shorts Chords

E |-------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------|
A |-------------0---2---3---------|
E |-------3-----------------------|

F: 003210

For all verses:
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  C                            F         C
When we broke down, in that small mining town,
         C                  F           C
I was ready for quittin', my guard was down,
         C                        F         C
It was summer all day, in your dad's chevrolet,
    C               (riff)  C
and so we decided to stay

For all choruses:

      Am               Dm
And we want spectacular views
 G                         C                               
If we're to stay for the weekend
       Am               Dm
And you swear, there'll be no bad news
  C                            (riff) C
If we stay, if we stay, without looking back

...and so on...

Last line (strum):

        C                G  C
No you can't stay here tomorrow.