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Does He Love You Tab

Does he love you?
Rilo Kiley
Tabbed Timothy Swan

      G    D/F#
Get a real job 
         Bdim/F                                C  2 3 4  D 2 3 4
Keep the wind to your back and the sun on your face 
        G           D/F#       Bdim/F
All the immediate unknowns are better than 
                              C 2 3 4  D 2 Ebdim 
knowing this tired and lonely fate. 

Does he love you?
Does he love you? 
        D              D/C#        C 2 3 4  D
Will he hold your tiny face in his hands? 

I guess it's spring; I didn't know 
It's always seventy-five with no meltin' snow 
A married man, he visits me 
I recieved his letters in the mail twice a week 

And I think he loves me 
and when he leaves her 
he's coming out to California 

I guess it all worked out 
There's a ring on your finger and the baby's due out
You share a place by the park and run a shop for antiques downtown 
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And he loves you, 
yeah he loves you, 
and the two of you will soon become three 
And he loves you, 
even though you used to say you were flawed 
if you weren't free 

Em                           Em/Eb
  Let's not forget ourselves good friend 
D                       C
  You and I were almost dead 
And you're better off for leavin' 
Yeah you're better off for leavin' 

Late at night, I get the phone 
You're at the shop sobbin' all alone 
Your confession is coming out 
You only married him, you felt your time was running out 

But now you love him, and your baby 
At last you are complete 
But he's distant and you found him on the phone pleading saying 
'baby I love you and I'll leave her and I'm comin' out to California' 

Let's not forget ourselves good friend 
I am flawed if I'm not free 
and your husband will never leave you, he will never leave you for me


This is just a basic outline, I don't think anything is wrong though, the D/F# could also be G/F# but I doubt it, and the Bdim/F is really just the same thing as a Fdim, but harmonically it works better if you spell it as the Bdim.  There is a lot of chromatic movement in this song, I like it.