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Accidntel Deth Chords

            A                       E
you're obsessed with finding a new brain
               D            A
but what you need is a new body
                D                  A              E
it feels your brain has lived a thousand lives before
          A                 E
and the skin you call your home
          D                              A
holds a heart that quits and knees that buckle in
      D                A                   E
and lungs that can't breathe when they're alone
         A                       E
and the days come to you like sailors
           D                   A
you watch them as they drift away
                D     A             E 
they meet the sunrise out at the horizon

           A                E
and it's neither sink nor swim
               A                   E
at least the water's beneath your chin.

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          A                    E
there's blood spilled on the floor
              D                  A
everyone's staring at you, what for?
            D           A                E
until you realize the blood is probably yours
                  A                          E
you feel you've lost something, you want it back
           D                  A
you lie emotionless on your back
          D                  A       E
and your legs aren't taking anymore requests
          A         E
those disobedient wrecks
          D                      A
how you cared for them as they carried you
       D             A            E
from class to class and coast to coast

                 A                     E
when you owned land and when you were broke
          A             E
through recessions and addictions

                D          A 
it's just your accidental death
       D         A 
your accidental death
                 D          A
it's just your accidental death
             D              E      A
you're the indian in the cougar's nest.

        A                 E
your fright gives way to memory
           D                   A
have them cough you with your love
          D                A            E
or the story your father told you long ago
          A                    E
he was hunting with his own father
      D                    A
for deer he pointed and spotted her
           D                A             E
and then tripped over some roots or some dead trees
     A             E
the gun went off, it was a mistake
        D                A
and my father was only eight
           D                 A
and as he watched the dying deer,
he was changed.

                 A                   E
'cause he felt sorry for what he'd done
        A            E
and he put down his gun
                A                     E
will you feel sorry for what you've done?
          A             E
will you put down your gun?
                   A          D
cause there's no accidental death
                   D             E       A
when you're the indian in the cougar's nest