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Cause Im So Scared Of Dying Chords

Capo 8th Fret

Intro C F

Often times Andy Hull When transitioning between the C and Am walks down by doing 
some hammer ons and pull offs like so 
So when i Put a "WD" after a C chord then you know to just walk down the C to the 
A minor. He also does a lot of other pull offs and hammer ons throughout the song. 
just mess around with it and play with the song a couple times and you will figure 
out all the little add ins. Enjoy.

C                                            F
cause I'm so scared of dying, since your fall

C                                              F
I'm so scared of dying, when you watched it go down down

C                                               F
yeah i lost your face in the fire near Jammison hall

C                                                  F
while your sister and brother read chapters on how your skin burned

Am                                  F                        C
your singing hallelujah and the angels came and took you down

Am                                      F                           C
you asked the right direction, and they told its protection you know

did you believe them?

or are they liars?

C                                                       F
cause I'm so scared of dying, since i saw your skin fall
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C                                                     F
I'm so scared of dying, since we watched it go down down down

C                                                             F
i told you i need you, when you screamed hallelujah here we go

C                                                         F
i hoped you believed me when i told you you were beautiful

C                                                  F
(cause i meant it man) but i didn't always mean it

does that make me a liar?

I mean it  

What a lie 

C                                                     F
there's cuts on my fingers, from the laundry i've done

C                                               F
washing out all your prints, the fire down below

C                                                        F
don't worry about it, i heard what you said and it's good

C                                                        F
and i appreciate it more than any other man ever could

      G                  C-WD-Am
i believe you, anyways

     G                   C-WD-Am
Just lead me, any day

C                                                 F
when i told you i loved you god dammit i meant it

C                                                   F
when i told you i loved you, good jesus, i meant it

           Am           G           C 
now your legs look like firecrackers

         Am                           F                         C
yeah no shit your not breathing, but man i can feel you inside!

        G                          C-WD-Am
don't waste away, under the ground

             G                              C
cause I'm wasting away, under the ground