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Blame Chords

No Capo. First tab. This IS CORRECT. i am the first one to post these chords on 
here. so you are welcome. i love this song. its really nice. Andy hull rocks. YOLO. SWAGG. Peace. 

 C                      G
I know you must know it now
 Em                      D
My warnings have stoned
  C                       G
My fingers are numb around 
  Em                    D
Your warm, pulsing throat
  C                      G
And I whispered, "My wife,"
  Em                  D
She opened her pale eyes
   C                   G
She smiled, so I smiled
  Em                  D
And I got what I deserved
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This house was my flowered heart
But my petals have fallen
Do you love him, tell me now, 
Or I'll show you my scars
  G                    C  G
And you will bow boldly
  G                      C  G
And tell me you're sorry
 G                      C G
But you're hardly moving
  G                             D      C
Wake up and give me what I know I deserve

Farmer's wife heard it from the street down below
And later fully recalled each harrowing note
And yeah, she cried, 
"Holy Spirit has cursed me."
And for this my ending sooner than you 
Thought I would deserve"

The children weren't lucky to have only used ears 
As I stood on top of him looking down,
I felt the fear in their skin as they plead,
"Father, did you kill our leader?
Our rock and great teacher? 
What did he deserve?" 
And I replied, 
"No, killed my leeches.
And the wound that is ? is.
I hope you can see it 
for what I deserve."

The judge would ask, "Why again, was it him and not her?"
The only thing I could think was, "To settle my nerves."
Try killing my leeches for sucking me speechless
And abandoning secrets and trust all the same
So I deserve what I deserve
So I deserve what I deserve