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Subject:      Vapour Trail, by Ride

I doubt that anyone out there has even heard of Ride, but if you have maybe you
will like this tab.  This is unquestionably their best song...here it goes.

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|---0--------0---------0------------0---  --------0-------0--------0------0-
|---0--------0---------0------------0---  ------------------------------0---
|---9--------8---------6-(or 4)-----9---  ----------------------------------
|--11--------9---------7------------9---  ------2--------2------2----2------
|--11--------9---------7------------7---  ----4--------2------0-------------
|---9--------7---------5------------0---  ----------------------------------

- Well, that's basically it.  To properly simulate the sound on the "Nowhere"
CD, you'll need to buy a flanger and either a chorus or a compressor, and a
cello while your at it. :)

First you look so strong,
Then you fade away,
The sun will blind my eyes,
I'll love you anyway,

Thirsting for your smile,
I loved you for a while,

You are a vapour trail,
In a deep, blue sky,
la la la laaaaah

Tremble with a sigh,
Glitter in your eye,
You seem to come and go,
I never seem to know,
And all my time,
Is yours as much as mine,
We never have enough time to show our love...
la la la laaaaah

Van Vekris - 3ev1@Qucdn.QueensU.CA