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From:   Don & Pat Garrett [winwood1@iamerica.net]
Sent:   Sunday, December 14, 1997 9:11 PM
Subject:        Pro:  "time machine"  ride

Artist: Ride
Title:  Time Machine

...well, i couldn't find this song by Ride anywhere, so i thought i'd throw
it out there for anyone interested...this is how i play it.  could be
wrong, but it sounds ok.  enjoy "time machine."

(Em)waste no more (D)energy

(Bm)no more t(C)ime

(Em)step into the t(D)ime machine

(Bm)aboard this fl(C)ight

(Em)it's time to g(D)o

it's sad that (Bm)you are not (C)here
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to (Em)open up your e(D)yes

and watch me (Bm)dissap(C)ear

C(Am)arr(D)ied awa(C)y  (g)

(Am)imagina(D)tions are (C) running w(g)ild

(Em)losing contr(D)ol

i landed b(Bm)ack in this y(C)ear

D(Em)id i ever m(D)ove

did i (Bm)dissap(C)ear

if (Em)i could m(D)ove through t(Bm)im(C)e

i(Em)'D go b(D)ack and put it r(Bm)igh(C)t

C(Am)arr(D)ied awa(C)y  (g)

(Am)imagina(D)tions are (C) running w(g)ild

...it continues the Em, D, Bm, C run until the end of the song...
...you really need to hear it to play it...but, i'm no expert guitarist, so
if this is totally wrong, forgive me.