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Start Again Chords

Title: Start Again
Artist: Rico Blanco
Album: Your Universe

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Tuning: Standard

Intro: G-Am-Em-C 2x


Em                     Am               G
Is too late to sotp, this pain that I created
Em                         Am                  G
From eclipsin the million precious things we shared
Em                      Am               G
Is too late I realize, I ve been such a fool
Em              Am
Is too late just want

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G           Am  Em    C                         
One more chance to, hold your hand again
G           Am     Em                 C          
Once more chance to be the one your heart beats for again


Verse 2: (Do Verse Chords)
If it's okay I'd like
A minute to speak with you, Im sure that how will understand
Just want to say that you're
The bst to ever happen to me
If it's oaky I just want to

Chorus:(Do Chorus Chords)

One more chance to, be your guiding light
Once more chance to, be the one who makes things
rght again

Instrumental: G-Am-Em-C (2x)

Chorus:Do Chorus Chords)

One more chance to, paint you brighter days
One more chance to be the reason you're okay
One more chance to, kiss you in the dark
One more chance to

Never ever be apart,i PromiseI won't break you heart
Baby please can we just start again