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Outta This Chords

Title: Outta This
Artist: Rico Blanco
Album: Your Universe

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Tuning: Standard

F#m			F#m
Can anybody hear me?Can any body hear me?
I am callin, this mess is getting deeper
This mess is getting deeper
A                 Bm
I am sninkin,I am sinkin

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F#m		A		F#m
Ony you can, Get me outta this, only you an
Get me out of this mess that I'm in
I dunno where to begin
I'm waiting for you
Don't know what to dod

Verse: (Do Verse Chords)

The lights get even bleaker
My will gets even weaker
I am fadin
I try me best to kill
The emptiness until, my heart stops beatin
But I'm not breathin

(repeat chorus)