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Metropolis Chords

Title: Metropolis
Aritst: Rico Blanco
Album: Your Universe

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Tuning: Standard


Big City lose your eyes
Your pretty lights that shine like fireflies
Illuminate wind blows, through it I send a hymn
A simple melody
To keep you close to me

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C             Em
Sweet, sweet dreams, 
Sleep tight, good night
C          Em
Sweet, sweet dreams
Sleep tight, good night

Intro 4x

(Do Verse Chords)
Im beating in your heart,
A little drum, a little song
That; playing on repeat, 
until we're in each others arms again
But until then, I offer you a lullaby
To cross the miles, and kiss you into sleep....

(repeat chorus)

C                         Em
We'll be together when we close our eyes
C           Em
We'll be together
C                   Em
Wel'll be together in our

(repeat chorus)