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Helpless Chords

Title: Helpless
Artist: Rico Blanco
Album: Your Universe

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Tuning: Standard


C                     F
The morning wakes, I find myself entangled
Am                       G
In visions of your warm embrace
C                       F
I pour some coffee, and slowly swirl in mem'ries
Am                                          G
Of the night we watched the stars fade into space

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C                    F
I'm addicted to your tender kisses and its
Am                G          C
Keeping me up all night, I didn't expect that I'd be
F                 Am                 G 
So affected ever time you look me in the eyes
C              F     C       F
I become so helpless, helpless

Verse 2: (same Verse Chords)
Day moves along, the symptomes only aggravate like
Wishing for a passerby, to stop a while
And listen to my story of
How much brigther you've made my life

(repeat chorus)