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Poor Little Fool Chords

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"Poor little Fool"
By Ricky Nelson - 1958
Transcribed by Gary Wahlgren
Redondo Beach, CA

Note: This was Ricky's first number one single
I worked this out off his "All My Best" CD
Silver Eagle Records 1986

Play in G, capo at 4th fret

Intro:  G  Em  Am  D7

	G  Em  Am  D7

Verse 1
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   G            Em
I used to play around with hearts
Am            D7
Hasten to my call,
     G           Em
When I met that little girl,
   Am                D7
I knew that I would fall


             G       Em
Poor little fool, Oh yea,
Am       D7   G
I was a fool, Uh huh

(Uh huh, poor little fool,I was a fool, oh yea)

Verse 2

She played around and teased me,
With a carefree devil eye
She pulled me close and kissed me,
But her heart was full of lies

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

She told me that she cared for me,
And that we'd never part
So for the very first time,
I gave away my heart

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4

Next day she was gone and I,
Knew she lied to me
She left me with a broken heart,
Won her victory

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5

I played this game with other hearts,
But I never thought I'd see
The day when someone else would play
love's foolish game with me

Repeat Chorus