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One Of These Mornings Chords

One Of These Mornings:Ricky Nelson.
Album - Ricky Sings Again - #14 in 1959.

              (Capo 1st fret.)

INTRO: G A# (x3)

Well, one of these mornings, I'm gonna rise and shine,

and get a one way ticket, I'm gonna leave behind,
          C                    G
all of my troubles, and miser..y..
I'm gonna find me a gal that's gonna love me, oh yeah..

D                G
I wanna be there soon..
                    D                              G
making love to some sweet gal, by the light of the moon.
                C                           G
If you wanna go with me, then you better be packed..
                         D                      G
I'm leavin' one of these mornings, on a one-way track.

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There'll be singin' and dancin' and sweet romancin',

huggin' and a kissin', that's what I've been missin'..
        C                      G
from my baby who found someone new.
I done told my gal what I'm gonna do...

D                                G
I'm gonna leeeeave, on a one-way track.
                  D                           G
Yes, one of these mornings and I can't comin' back,
                  C                         G
come along and go with me, but you can't be late..
                   D                          G
cause one of these mornings, that train won't wait.


G A# (x4) (Fade.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.