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     Lonesome Town
     B. Knight
     Recorded by Ricky Nelson, from the LP `Ricky Sings Again'.

     Note: Song is actually in `B'. Capo at the fourth fret and play in `G'
     as notated.


     G - Em - C - D (2x)

     Verse I:

      G                     B
     There's a place where lovers go
         C         D        G    Em
     To cry their troubles away
     C         Cm      G        Em
     And they call it Lonesome Town
      C         D             G    D
     Where the broken hearts stay [Lonesome town]
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     Verse II:

     You can buy a dream or two
     To last you all through the years
     And the only price you pay
      C    D             G
     Is a heart full of tears


      C             Bm
     Goin' down to lonesome town
      C         D             G    Em
     Where the broken hearts stay
      C     Cm      G        Em
     Goin' down to lonesome town
      C         D        G   D
     To cry my troubles away

     Verse III:

     In the town of broken dreams
     The streets are filled with regret
     Maybe down in lonesome town
     I can learn to forget


      C     Cm      G        Em
     Maybe down in lonesome town
      C     D        G     C (arpeggiate)
     I can learn to forget
     [Lonesome town]

     Ricky's answer to `Heartbreak Hotel' with a healthy dash of The
     Fleetwood's `Mr. Blue' thrown in.

     Tab/Chord interpretation by Craig Carlson
     Thanks to Andrew Rogers for the Cm.

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