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Life Chords

Life:Ricky Nelson.
#15 on A.c. and #109 on BB Hot 100
on DECCA Records in 1971.

INTRO: Eb Gm Cm..Eb Bb Cm

Eb   Dm Cm      Bb        Am7     Ab
Life.......will go on without me..take it and 
Fm             Bb      Eb   Dm Cm
you'll see, it doesn't matter.
Eb   Gm Cm   Bb             Am7          Ab
Life.......I know what your game is..you take 
       Fm        Bb    Eb   Dm Cm
it and trade it, for another.
Eb   Dm Cm    Bb          Am7          Ab
Life........before you're over..I want something 
   F       Fm     Bb Eb       Dm Cm Eb
to show for...all my troubles.

F     Bb      C     F          Bb    C
Time, come on in..I see you're back again..
F         Bb    C      Fm            Bb
where you going now? I thought you'd know 
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INTERLUDE: Eb Dm Cm..Bb Cm Ab Bb..Eb Dm Eb Dm..

           Eb Dm Cm..Bb Am7 Ab Bb..Gm Cm
Eb   Dm Cm     Bb       Am7         Ab     Fm
Life........if you keep going..I'll try to throw in,
  Bb     Eb   Bb Cm
a little love.
Eb   Dm Cm     Bb           Am7              Ab                
Life.........I can't do without you..there's something 
 Fm             Bb       Eb    Bb Cm
about you, that keeps me going.
Eb   Gm Cm     Bb            Am7             Ab
Life.........I don't want to stop, now..I've been through 
   F     Fm      Bb         Eb  Bb Cm
so much, now.....because of you.

Cm       Am7   Ab           Eb      Bb Cm
Tell me, life..what are you here for?
Bb       F       Ab    Eb       
Tell me, life..I wanna know more.
Cm       F     Ab          Eb      Dm Cm Eb..
Tell me, life..what are we here for?..(Fade.)

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.