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Break My Chain Chords

Break My Chain:Ricky Nelson.
Album - Rick Is 21 - 1961.

INTRO: E A E (x2)

E                            A E                      E A E
Oh, won't you break my chain........don't turn me down.
E                         A E                          B
I got a body full of pain......I'm tired of being your clown.
B                         E       E7               A
Oh, there's a whole lotta fishes..in the deep blue sea, 

blue sea, blue sea..
A                   E        B                         E  A E
Baby don't keep 'em waiting, cause they're waitin' for me.
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E                     A E                     A E
At the drive-in-movie.....every place in town.
E                          A E               B
People see you with another.....out runnin' around.
B                         E          E7        
Oh, well, the coal in the fireplace, ain't gonna burn 
no more, no more, no more.
E                         B              E
Won't you break my chain, baby open that door.


E                           A E                   E A E
Oh, won't you break my chain.....baby, set me free..
E                           A E                B
cause I've had about enough.....of this miser..y.
B                       E     E7
You've been spendin' my cash, talkin' that trash..
all over town.
A                  E      B             E
Won't you break my chain, don't turn me down.

E                  A E
Don't turn me down..
E                       A E
Baby, don't turn me down..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.