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Ill Never Give It Up Chords

Needle and Thread 

I see young girls with old faces
      G		         D7
I see good girls in bad places
I see plain girls in finery
    G		              D7
And every one be the death of me
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Needle and thread, needle and thread
Hand me down my needle and thread
A    G    D7   A    G    D7
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
F				   C
Going to thread up my needle and then
      G                          D7
Gonna sew my soul back together again

Am G Am G  D7 (3X) 

Now pretty Caitlin she went too far
Shaking all she had at the topless bar
Right in the face of Ben and Bob
Put a little too much into the job


Now sweet Myfanwy she took a shine
Dumped me for Dai worked down the mine
I was a temp, Dai was a keeper
He knew how to dig that little bit deeper


Now Bonnie Jean meant everything
But she threw back my hard-earned ring
Said she had other men who dig her
She was holding out for something bigger 


by: Josť Duarte