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Bathsheba Smiles Chords

Bathsheba Smiles
F#m               Bm                                     
Bathsheba smiles, she smiles and veins turn to ice,
F#m                      Bm                                      
She smiles and heads bow down.
F#m                 Bm              
She works the room. Air-kisses every victim twice.
F#m                  Bm    B
She spreads her joy around.
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E                 D
Do you close your eyes to see miracles?
E                 D
Do you raise your face to kiss angels?
E               D
Do you float on air to hear oracles?
Bm        E       C#m
Bathsheba smiles, smiles
Bm        E        C#m
Bathsheba smiles, smiles
G            E     D   Asus4               A
No doubt can cross her mind, can cross her mind.

Bathsheba knows, she knows you better than yourself 
Confess upon your knees.
She shares her love, and sharing love is sharing wealth
Dig in your pockets, please.


No pain, no gain's a strain,
D             A
but she never seems to hurt.
Catwalk pilgrims sing this song:
D                A                F#m     D
Hello heaven and goodbye dirt and no hair shirt.


E                 D     E                 D
Do you close your eyes? Do you raise your face?
Bathsheba smiles, smiles
Bathsheba smiles, smiles

by: Josť Duarte