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You And I Chords

Title: You and I
Artist: Richard Poon
Album: For You

Intro: G , F , E , D , Bb

Verse I:

 G                    A
You and I will travel far together

  E                 A        G
We'll pursue our little star together

         A              Bm
We'll be happy as we as together

       G       A
We may never get to heaven
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 G          A           D G
But it's heaven, at least to try

Verse II:
You and I are going on together
Till the end of time we have is gone together
Growing older, growing closer
Making memories that light the sky


           A                     F       A            
That only time can make, That only love can make

That only we can make

 G     C
You and I

(Repeat Verse II)
(Repeat Chorus)