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And I Love You So Chords

Title          : And I Love You So
Artist         : Richard Poon
Album          : For You

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Intro: Bm , C#m 2x


 Bm            C#m
And I love you so

The people ask me how

 G#m              C#m
How i've lived till now

 E                  F#m
I tell them I don't know

       Bm         C#m
I guess  they understand
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How lonely life has been

 G#m            C#m
But life began again

  E                 Bm
The day you took my hand


  Bm                C#m
And yes I know, how lonely life can be

The shadows follow me

          Bm          E
And the night won't set me free

          G#m          C#m
But I won't let the evening get me down

 F#m         Bm
Now that you around me.

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