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You Are A Treasure Chords

You are a Treasure
By: Martin Tielli
On the album "Introducing Happiness"

[C] [G] [Bb] [F] for the whole thing
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C         G
You are a treasure,
       Bb       F
You'll never be found;
Gathering coral in a galleon.
Seeding anemones...
Feeding the reef
In some lagoon in Barbados.
... And I must retrieve you
For I will get paid,
And build a big house in Vancouver town.

Living in castles a bit at a time.
Walking the borders of countries.
You be in these shoes, and I'll be in those.
Do you see dots when I'm talking to you?

1 lemon.
2 lemons.
1 rosy peach.
6 lonely souls... and a moron.

My mind is a porpoise
Alone on a beach
Counting the waves as it's dying.