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Simply Jessie Chords

Song: Simply Jessie
Artist: Rex Smith
Tabbed by: Aristotle G. Mercado

 Hi to all All of my classmate BSN-IID at N.E.U.S.T. Iím Aristotle G. Mercado, this song
Song Beautiful so just enjoy,Thanks to Kuya Milo Espidol!!!!

Intro; GM7-CM7 (4x)
Verse I
                     GM7	            CM7
and i dont know how i knew it
                GM7	    CM7
but i knew it somehow
                      Am-D                    GM7
your the answer to the questions
CM7            Am                D
no one answered 'til now

            CM7	             Bm
and i dont know what you see
       Am	             GM7
what you see in me
      CM7		 Bm
but girl it's nothing to
     Am                D
what i see in you
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Verse II
stars that glisten
lips for kissin
           GM7	  CM7
honey listen it's true
                 Am-D                    GM7
on one's ever loved you better
                  Am - D
love you honey

GM7- CM7 (2x)  Am-D- GM7-  CM7-Am-D

                     CM7	            Bm
and i've known a girl or two
          Am                         GM7
and none of them was you
          CM7	    Bm
and they will never be
         Am                 D
what you are to me

(Repeat II Fret Higher)
       G#m7   C#m7
I love you

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 just listen to the song for the timing and adjustments of the
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