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My One Mistake Chords

Em        G     D        Asus
Endless days and empty nights
Em         G      D               Asus
Feel the darkness crawl through my mind
Em        G                D
Out of reach but still calling
I can't get to you
Em     G      D          Asus                
Feel the emptiness in my heart
Em      G     D                Asus
Life's takin' me back to the start
Em       G            D
Theres no power no glory
I'm just missin' you
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            Em     G       D 
She was my pleasure and my pain
           Em       G       D
She was my shelter from the rain
              Em            G         D
Searchin' for answers where it went wrong
And now she's gone
               Em    G  D
It's my one mistake
              Em              G     D 
Its my living nightmare while i'm awake
          Em      G
Theres no escape
She's everything i've ever known
The only thing that i could never change
She's the one that got away

Tainted memories follow me
No redemption no remedies
Just the truth thats plain to see
I cant turn back now

Repeat Chorus

Em             G
Callin' me, hauntin' me
         D            Asus
Never ending, its breakin' me
        Em           G
Fell it burnin', inside of me