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Enemy Chords


Am Aadd9 x2

(G used here is |-3-5-5-4-x-x-|)
(F used here is |-1-3-3-2-x-x-|)

Am              Aadd9                   G
You alone should know that shit sticks fast
Weighing up the consequences
F                                E
You made up your mind to kick my ass
And I was left with no defences
Am              Aadd9            G
I am a little screwed around inside
Do you think I don't remember?
F                                   E
Well, I can't forget the things you did
Now, can I?


G        A#  Fm
I'm your enemy.   x4

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Am           Aadd9              G
Sugar faces, plastic smiles and all
Nothing seems to pacify me
F                                   E
The people watch and wait for me to fall
Go ahead and fucking try me
Am                 Aadd9          G
I see the features crack into a grin
And i'm glad you think it's funny
F                                   E
Well, i'm coming back for something more
And I am not laughing, am I?


G        A#  Fm
I'm your enemy.   x4

Then... (Am used here is |-5-3-3-5-5-5-|)

A# Am Gm Fm Em x4

Am Aadd9 G x2

Am   Aadd9 G
I'll never
Am   Aadd9 G

No. x8