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Bluest Eyes In Texas Chords

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The Bluest Eyes in Texas
recorded by Restless Heart

    Bb                             Eb
The lonesome Texas sun was setting low
    Bb                                  Eb
And in the rearview mirror I watched it go
      Cm            Gm                 F     Bb F
I can still see the wind in her golden hair
  Cm                  Gm                Eb
I close my eyes for a moment, I'm still there

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The bluest eyes in Texas
    Gm       F     Eb
Are haunting me tonight
Like the stars that fill the midnite sky
    Gm     F        Eb
Her memory fills my mind
Where did I go wrong (Did I wait too long)
   Gm    F       Eb
Or can I make it right
    Bb                       Gm       F    Eb
The bluest eyes in Texas are haunting me tonight

Another town another hotel room
Another dream that ended way too soon
Left me lonely way before the dawn
Searching for the strength to carry on


(Instrumental first two lines of verse)
For every heart you break you pay the price
But I can't forget the tears in her blue eyes


(Instrumental fade)

Greg Vaughn