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Let Me Go Chords

Let Me Go
No Worries
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
C -  x32010
Dm - xx0231
Bb - x13331
Am - x02210

Intro: F--Bb--C-

Verse 1:
I've grown a lot in the past five years
You've helped me out through all my fears
       Bb                                C
You're there for me when ever I'm in need
But now your eyes are filled with tears
Because you're afraid I'll 
disappear you're just
Scared that I don't want you here
                 C   F   C
And I don't want you near

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F                     C
  I'm growing up like everyone
Soon you'll be all alone
  Dm                         Bb  C
I know how hard it is to be alone
F                  C
For so long you've held me close
Under protection of your wing
Dm                     C
Never thinking of this day
Bb           C F
  Now you're a-fraid I 
might not remember
All the things 
you taught me
            Bb   C
In eighteen years
Bb        C F
  So when I say this 
please remember
That you mean the 

whole world to me
But you're gonna
have to try to

       Dm C Bb
Let me go
You've got 
to learn to
Let me go now
Let me go
You've got 
to learn to
Let me go

Last night when you told me that you thought
You've lost my love
I couldn't think about who you were thinking of
Someone new just took my love
No need to fall apart
Cause I still feel the same

Don't go out to play tonight
Don't go out to bars, there's
Too many fights there
I can't stand this waiting in the
Dark for you again

But when I get back home tonight you'll be
Waiting there just like last night
I know that some time again you will love me
But I can't read your mind

So please understand
That the cards are in my hands
And you can't be the judge
Cause my life is complicated enough already
Sometimes you might believe that I'm on strike
And not show up to class
But please let me choose my own path

Let me go
You have to learn to
Let me go now
Let me go
My heart still needs some time to grow