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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 12:48:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: michael j brisson 
Subject: r/replacements/when_it_began.crd

capo on 1st fret
intro chords   A F#m D repeat twice
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stopped at a light that shined right through
A                                   F#m
and where you've been there still a view
D                                                       Bm          E
you stopped at nothing out of your first chance,now its nothing like when
A                 D              A              D
it began... when it began,when it began,when it began..
long ago or yesterday
the queen sits quietly , just her place
she plays off with their heads and on with my pants
oh a little something when it began
Bm                                      F#m
oh and nothing ya thats something I understand by dance???try to
D         F#m                                D       E
make it last ,I play the fool ,a king at your command ooyah
A  F#m  D
A  F#m  D
F#m                                  D         Bm
I never had to bow to you when we began,now I can play a tune
E                     D                   Bm                             at
your command...if you say nothing then thats something                    E
A                                                                       I
understand....when it began etc.
outro  A  F#m  D