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Here Comes A Regular Chords

Here Comes a Regular - The Replacements
From the album "Tim"

This is how I play it sometimes, and it sounds good to me. See how it works for you.

Capo 6th fret

Chords used:
C - x32010
G - 32003x
Fsus2 - xx3011
Em - 022000
F - x3321x
G7 - 32300x

C G Fsus2


       C          G         Fsus2
Well a person can work up a mean, mean thirst...

        C           G            Fsus2
After a hard day of nothing much at all.

[Repeat pattern until pre-chorus]

Pre chorus:

    G                     F
And everybody wants to be special here.
[ Tab from: ]
G                                G7
They call your name out loud and clear


C    Em       F
Here comes a regular...

C    Em       F
Call out your name.

C    Em       F
Here comes a regular...

         G             Fsus2
Am I the only one here today?

That's basically the whole song, as I like to play it. Something to try out with the outro:

------ (downstroke, strum x4)

-3-|-- (downstroke, strum x4)

------| (downstroke, strum x8)

Try and accentuate the B string on the first two chords and then the G string on the 
This sort of echoes the outro pattern in the original song.