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Birthday Gal Chords

E  D  C#  F#

Wax is dripping from the frosting of the cake
Come on, girl, pucker up, and don't hesitate
F#                      C#            E    B
Take a deep breath, and blow 'em all away
We sang off key and all the dishes china blue
Remember, don't tell a soul, that wish, it won't come true
F#             C#             E
Hate a sad face on your lucky day
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Chorus -
         D            F#
Birthday gal, did you wish yet ?
        D          F#           G           D       A
Can you handle the turning, the candles are burning low
         D           F#
Birthday gal, do you wish that ?
              D             F#      G        D      A
There weren't quite as many candles that you had to blow

Hair falls down all around the eyes that close
She might wear them earrings, but she won't wear the clothes
She'll hang 'em up with all the ones that don't fit no more

I thought this was a party, come on, let's lighten up
No one gets a slice until we make the first cut
No we'll leave the lights down, she's running out and this is here


Bridge-  B  A  G A  x2
         E  G  B  E  B  G  x2
         F#  D  C#  E


         D           F#           E      D   C#   F#  x2  E
Birthday gal, make a wish, make a wish