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VERSION 1  by Rob Ballantyne (

Opening and Verse Riff:

  (E) (Esus4) (Asus4) (A)     (A5)    (A5)  (B5)

...while the bass and overdriven guitar play:

  (E)  (Esus4)    (A)     (A5)     (B5)

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These riffs are played twice; the chords are mere speculation. At Milan, on
the second time through, the B5 is dropped; A5 is repeated in its place.

The chorus is three chords: B (224442), G (320033), A (x02220)

VERSION 2  by John Gorenfeld (

verse riff:

E ----------------------------|
b ---------3----2--0----------|
g ---2h1--------------2-------|
d -2-----2--------------------|
a ----------------------------|
e ----------------------------|

The chorus is B, G, A.

VERSION 3 by  DaWhizz (

Verse: You can play this in the chords E and A or this way:


The Chorus is simply the chords B, G , A then B, G, F#


your revolution is a silly idea, yeah
all your friend's are feeling had
it's like you need a reason to be feeling bad
you sport an armband when your good and mad

la la la la revolution (the future never happened)

i don't know why i'm feeling bad, yeah
i picked up a bad vibration
oliver north is running for senate
bomb the abortion clinic
reagan's defense is the deficit
the virus was invented
black man can't get aquitted
of the crimes that we committed
the future never happened,  it never happened

la la la la revolution (the future never happened)

your revolution is a silly idea, yeah
you tried to look like a punk rocker
a whole lotta sneer, and  little curl
i don't have time for your theatrics
everybody knows that you're a bad actress
i don't know why i'm feeling bad, yeah
but a scum is rising

la la la la revolution (the future never happened)