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Nightswimming Chords

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Chords: Std Tuning
G         320033
C(add)9   x32033
A(add)9* - x02033 (simply remove top 3 on Cadd9)
D        - xx0232

Intro: (x1)
|G    C9   |G    D    |

|G           C9     D     |G        C9    A9*   |C9     D     |
       Night-swimming    deserves a quiet night.           The
|G                 C9     D     |G           C9   A9*   |
 photograph on the dashboard,    taken years ago,
|C                             D                        |
 turned around backwards so the windshield shows.
|G                C9   D        |G            C9   A9*   |
 Every streetlight   reveals the picture in reverse.
|C                   D                |
 Still, it's so much clearer.
|G           C9    D     |G                 C9      A9*    |
 I forgot my shirt at the water's edge. The moon is low to-
|C9          D           |

[Play Intro] (x1)

|G           C9     D     |G         C9    A9*        |
       Night-swimming    deserves  a quiet night.  Im
|C9                 D           |G            C9       D      |
 not sure all these people under-stand.  Its not like years
|G           C9      A9*    |C9            D                  |
ago      The fear of getting caught,    of recklessness and
|G            C9     D      |G             C9        A9*    |
 water.  They cannot see me  naked.     These things they go
|C9        D              |G*
away,    replaced by everyday.
[ Tab from: ]
Verse3: (connects to last on G*)
|G*           C9     D     |G              C9      A9*   |
-day.   Night-swimming    remembering that night.  Sep-
|C9                D           |G                C9      D    |
-tember's  coming  soon.    I'm pining  for  the moon.   And
|G                  C9    A9*     |C9             D               |
 what if there were two   side  by side in orbit around the ferris
|G          C9      D       |G                    C9       A9*   |
 sun.   That bright, tight forever drum could not describe night-
|C9         D         |

|G                C9      D     |G             C9    A9*   |
 You, I thought I knew you.      You, I cannot judge.
|C9                 D                    |
 You, I thought you knew me.  This ones
|G                C9      D     |G           C9      A9*   |
 laughing   quiet-ly        underneath my breath.    Night-
|C9        D          |

[Play Intro] (x1)
[Play Verse] (x1)  over solo, no words

|G             C9      D      |G             C9         A9*    |
 photograph re-flects  every   streetlight a reminder.  Night-
|C9            D              |G             C9         D      |
-swimming   de-serves a quiet  night,
|G             C9      A9*    |C9            D                 |
                                          de-serves a quiet
|G* (start outro)

|G             C9      D      |
|G             C9      A9*    |
|C9            D              |
|G             C9      D      |
|G             C9      A9*    |
|C9            D              |G~  (one strum, let ring)


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