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From: Randy Simmons (

This is obviously an electric guitar song.  So it is really
neat to play if you have an amp with good overdrive.  It
sounds better if you have a guitar with a pickup selector
switch like a Rickenbacker or a Les Paul, but that is just
for more flair and perfection.

Cool trick:
If you have a fairly good CD player, hit the pause button
(which should put the player in standby/play mode) then go
to track 6.  Now you should have an INDEX button on your
remote, hit Index to number 2 (usually it is a smaller number
on the digital display right next to the track number).  The
CD will automatically skip over the 1:01 min interlude/intro
on the acoustic guitar and right to the actual "beginning"
of the song!!!  Pretty cool!!  I assume this was done to
accomodate Radio DJ's who want not such a long song...
Now go check all of your other CDs to see who else did this!!

Amp Setting:


Guitar Riff:
             (put pickup selector switch in middle position)

s = slide to..    h = hammer on..     p = pick off to..

e ---------------------------------------|
B ------------------------ 7 s 9 -- 6 ---|
G -- 2 s 3 -- 3 s 5 -- 6 ----------------|
D ---------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------|

e ------------------------------------------------|
B ------------------------- 7 s 9 -- 6 h 7 p 6 ---|
G -- 2 s 3 -- 3 s 5 -- 6 -------------------------|
D ------------------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------|
[ Tab from: ]
       (this is a sort of muffled overdrive so put pickup
        selector switch in BASS/RHYTHM pickup pos.)
strum each chord only once and let ring

Am 012200
F  112331       REMEMBER!!  CAPO ON 1st FRET !!!!
G  330023
C  010230
F* 000330

  Am                       F
  Nothing could bring me closer.
  G                    G Am
  Nothing could bring me near.
  Am                    F
  Where is the road I follow
  G        G Am
  Leaving, leave

       Am            F
  It's Under, under, under my feet
      G                    G Am
  The sea spread out there before me.
G Am                   F
  Better I go, and the land touches sea.
  G                  G  Am
  There is _________ in what I believe.

  (this really stands out so put pickup selector switch in MIDDLE position)

   That's what keeps me,
   That's what keeps me,
   C                     G
   That's what keeps me down.
      C            Am    G
   To leave it, to leave it,
                  F        F*  F
   Leave it all behind.

The following verses and choruses are played the same
sometimes with the Guitar riff and the chords, sometimes
just chords.  If you have two guitars (and two people)
play both!!

Shifting the dream
Nothing could bring me further from rougher tide.
We're shifting the dream.
It's charging the sea.
I know where I marked the signs.

Suffer dreams of a world gone mad
I like it like that and I know it.
I know him well, ugly and sweet
A temper madness who believed in extreme.

That's what keeps me
That's what keeps me
That's what keeps me down
I say they aren't gonna like me
I say they don't know thier plane
Never left the ground.

(Chorus) x 1

Lift me, lift me,
I'll attain my dream.
I lost myself, I lost the,
Heartache calling me.

I lost myself in sorrow.
I lost myself in pain.
I lost myself in gravity.
Memory, leave, leave, leave.

(Chorus) x 2

In my hands my eyes are still
I walk into the sea
Shoot myself in a different place
And leave it.

Wait for this to take me,
It longed for my release.
Waited for the calling,
To leave, leave

Leave, leave, leave, leave
Leavin', Leavin'