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It smells so sweet outside today
The sun smiles down; I'm in the shade
I sit and think about
All my friends and how good they are
But when today is yesterday
I know that things won't stay the same
But I know that the
Memories won't go too far
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F                               G
Round and round the world will turn
F                           G
Lessons taught and lessons learned
F                                   G
Jesus gets us through the good and bad times
And lets me know that

Everything will be just
C  G  F  G
Fi-i-i-ine  (2x)

 - chords same as verse 1

A year's passed since i wrote this song
A lot's gone right, a lot's gone wrong
But I know that Jesus
Has been there right by my side
And I see the sun still shines
It shines outside and in my life
And now I know that
Everything is gonna be just fine

(back to prechorus & chorus)

("doo-doo" part)
C - F - Am - F - G (2x)

Prechorus and chorus again.

Good luck and God bless!