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Best Thing Chords

The Best Thing - Relient k 

 Tabbed by : Jake Lebo

            Intro:        B   D#  E  C#  F#  B


   Verse 1 :      B              
            It's been the year filled with problems

            But now your here almost as if to solve them  

            E                   F#                 
            I can't live in a world without you now 

            All my life iv'e been searching for you

            How did I survive in this world before you

                  E                          F#
            Cause I dont wanna live another day without you now

   Chorus : This is the best thing 
            The best thing that could be happening

            And I think you would agree 

                                         F#                  B
            The best thing is that its happening to you and me

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   Verse 2 :        B                 
            All I wanna have is all that you can give me
            And I'll give right back everything I have in me

                    E                      F#
            Cause nothing ever felt as right as this does right now

             B                                      G#m
            I'll go back to before we met try and erase the past

                                          E                      F#
            Try harder to forget Cause nothing will ever be as good

            As here and now

Pre Chorus :       B
            Cause when I looked into your eyes 
            And you dared to stare right back

                              E                    F#
            You should have said nice to meet you I'm your other half

   Chorus :

   Bridge : G#m 
            I always knew   I'd find someone

            I never dreamt  it be like this

            B                                    F#
            Cause you've surpassed all that I've hoped for and ever wished

                    B                    G#m
            And I'm trying so hard with all my heart and mind

            E                                      F#
            To make my life as good as you've made mine