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The Way I Say Chords

ďThe Way I SayĒ

By: Em

Intro: E- A 4x

Verse !:

  E           A
Iíve waited long enough
 E              A
And Iím still holding on
E            A
Cried hard enough 
      C#m      B        A
But still Iím standing up

Verse 2: 

E            A
Hoping and hoping 
E              A
Wishing for something
E            A
Trying and Loving 
C#m               B      A
Even though its hurting me

[ Tab from: ]
E                  B
My heart is just For you 
       C#m           A
This song I sing to you
       E           B  
That this is the way I say 
           C#m         B
That Iím fallen, Iím fallen
           A           * do intro
That Iím fallen for you  

(Repeat all)

Adlib: E- B Ė C#m Ė A (2x) 


     E            A
And ill ask this one last time
        E           C#m       B
In this melody amd make it rhyme 
  E          B        C#m     B      A - B
For you to sing and know my feelings thatÖ


(Repeat chorus 2x)