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Let Me Chords


By: Judei

Verse 1 :

C#m    B      A
Everytime I see
       C#m   B     A
Those memories in me
   C#m     B           A
Sadness comes inside me
            C#m            B             A
‘Cause you’re not here with me

Verse 2 :
C#m           B        A
Wishing for you each day 
      C#m      B      A
To guide you day by day 
     C#m      B     A
To filled those sadness
         C#m   B      A
Ill do anything for you

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           E                  B
Let me speak everything to you
          E                  A
Let me show how I care for you
        C#m                 B
Let me bring back those times
            A -  *Repeat intro
When we feel the same way 

Verse 3:

         C#m       B    A
I feel sorry for my self 
          C#m     B       A
‘Cause we separate our ways 
      C#m           B       A
But you still gave joy to me
       C#m   B    A
That grows everyday

(Repeat Chorus Except last word)

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat intro)