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Artist:     Ike Reilly
Album:      Salesmen and Racists
Song:       Last Time
Tab Author: Willie D  

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F   133211
C   x35553
Gm  355333
Bb  x13331

When I say F5 etc. just play the first 3 strings of each chord.


F - C - Gm x4


Verse: On the upbeat, reggae style

F - C - Gm - Bb x4

then: continuous strumming

F5 - C5 - G5 - Bb5 x 4


F - -  C - Gm x3

F - C - Gm - Bb

The rest is the same.

p.s. The "I'm funny" lyric is wack. Dump it Ike. Add a solo or something.