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Drunk Again Chords

Artist: Reel Big Fish
Song: Drunk Again
Tabbed by: Improviduto (Trevor)

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Notes: Okay, here's the deal. The primary instrument in this piece is 
Fender Rhodes piano (sounds like a Mark II, but I could be wrong). I 
figured this song out on an old 80s Ensoniq ESQ-1 synthesizer I use as 
a MIDI controller for Reason 3.0. That said, the chords presented are 
really meant to be played on keys, not guitar; however, all is not lost 
because it can be played on the axe of your choice with a few alterations. 
I suggest you get rid of the indicated bass notes. This will get rid of 
the inversion, which is often a problem when transcribing piano chords for 
guitar. I'll also write out the notes in each chord, so you may use it as
a guide to find appropriate fingerings on your fretboard.

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F   A   C#mb5/G   Bb/F   Dmb5/F   F (no 5th)   C/E (no 5th)

After Verse:

F (no 5th)   Fm (no 5th)


F   Eb   Bb/D    C#   C


Am   F#mb5   F   E

Dm   E

F (R35) - F A C
A (R35) - A C# E
C#mb5 (Rb3b5) - C# E G
Bb (R35) - Bb D F
Dmb5 (Rb3b5) - D F Ab
C (R35) - C E G

Fm (Rb35) - F Ab C

Eb (R35) - Eb G Bb
C# (R35) - C# F G#

Am (Rb35) - A C E
F#mb5 (Rb3b5) - F# A C
E (R35) - E G# B

Dm (Rb35) - D F A