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Boss Dj Chords

Tabbed By: Bert
artist: Reel Big Fish
song: Boss DJ (originally done by Bradley Nowell & Sublime)
album: Cheer Up!

the ska chords: G   C  Bb  rock chords: G  Bb C  D  A  E
             e:----------            e:------------------
             b:-3---5--3-            b:------------------
             g:-4---5--3-            g:------------------
             d:-5---5--3-            d:----3--5--7-----9-
             a:----------            a:-5--1--3--5--7--7-
             e:----------            e:-3-----------5----
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the majority of the ska parts of the song are a ska rhythm that goes 
G G C C and so forth.  the only exception is right before the trombone 
solo, the section goes G G Bb Bb.  Real difficult, I know.

the first rock section (oowee, girl, oowee, girl...) goes: G Bb G Bb
then (really ain't no time to waste...) it goes: C D (x4) G  C C D

the second rock section (it's so nice...) goes: A D (x3) A D E A

the only other deviation from the G G C C ska part is where, real 
slowly, Aaron sings "Nowadays, the songs..."  For that, strum a full 
C and D chord at the appropraite parts.

C             D                     C              D
Nowadays, the songs on the radio all, all drive me crazy

tabbed out 10/9/02 by =bert=