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All I Want - Reef
Tabbed by Daniel Jarrett (

This is such a beautiful song, up their with Consideration and Levels.I love it!!

Chords Used

C - 032010
F - 033210
G - 320033
Dm - 000231
Dm/B - 030231
Am - 002210
Em - 022000
Bb - 688766
A - 002220



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The rythem of the verse is easy when you listen to the song, F is
played very qucikly when Gary lifts his voice.

C	F		C	F
If I sent you home, would you come again
And if I said farewell, is that where you begin
And If I sent you home
Would you come on in
And If you say you won't,
then I know you will

F	     G			        G
I was all alone like a father with no son
F		G
You were like a dream,
Woken up as just begun
F	    G
I was left alone,
G			    F		G
with the promise that you made

C	G	    Dm	          Am
All I want to do is make it over you
Em	G
I Want to

And if I said farewell, then we're on our own
D'yer know I never thought I'd say the words
But You know you can't have all the hurt

Repeat Break and Chorus

	Bb	A	Dm	Dm/b	G
All I want to do is step up for you,
G	C	G	Am	F
Tell me is it tru I will come back to you
F		G
I said I would now