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Faith Healer Chords

Tab - Faith healer by Redd Kross
Tabbed by - Tommy Spongefinger

Great song from a great album but it think I must be the only one who thinks so I as 
find any tabs at all from this album!!

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                              The Faith Healer
A                E
You out there in front of me
A                   E
I think I feel your energy
C                     D
And light it swallows everyone
I see your face
A                          E
Can't you feel it now, the arbor tree
A                  E
What we've made we soon will see
C                 D
Light it turns to sounds
That make the morning sun

F             C                  G
Give me everything you have that keeps you feeling sad
F                    C               G
And I will give them back to you restore your soul from rags

C                  F              C         F
I'm a faith healer baby can't you see it in my eyes
Em                   F
Come on give me your hand
F              C             F             C         
I'll bring you happiness forever children, here's where it begins
C                G
I am the one for you

(repeat chords)