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Dosed Tab

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Track: Dosed

Tabbed by Richard McCulloch on 06/07/02

Only the intro here for now, I might do the rest when I get
more time.

Standard Tuning (eBGDAE)


I've written the chord names above just so you know how
to fret the notes. If you play these chords open it doesn't
sound right at all, you have to play them in their bar forms.

It's played fast, almost like a strum in which you can hear
each individual note. Listen to the song for the rhythm.

   E			 G  	    Em
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A second guitar also comes in over the top for the first few
bars of the song and in other places, but only when the
Em arpeggio is being played, it goes like this...

e|-----------------| This part is played in other parts of the
B|------3---3------| song as well, often without the third of
G|--4-4---4---4----| those B notes played on the G string (of
D|-----------------| the guitar!), and some other variations